Abdominal Ab Roller

The gymnastic ab exercise wheel is a very effective apparatus, since during training a wide range of muscles are immediately involved – the abdominals, chest, back, muscles of the shoulders, arms and legs, which simultaneously receive a significant load. Other advantages are compactness and the ability to practice even at home.


The double gymnastic wheel Ab roller helps maintain balance during repetitive exercises. Anti-slip grips allow you to more securely hold the wheel in your hands and perform exercises with greater stress. The gymnastic wheel is an excellent equipment for developing and maintaining muscle tone. The lightweight gymnastic wheel can be taken with you on your travels.


  • Supporting power: 300Kg
  • Material: ABS +Ironware + Foam
  • Wheel Diameter: 155mm
  • Total length: 34cm
  • Weight:700g
  • Color: Green, Yellow, Blue
  • Package Included: 1 xWheel Ab Roller Set