Automatic Treadmill

the American Fitness treadmill AF141E brings all of the tools you need right in the comfort of your home. Lose yourself in minutes of fun through a variety of work out choices. With Fitness Settings that cater to everyone from the novice walker to long-term, hardcore runners, you’ll be able to reach your fitness goals faster than ever before!


Specifications :

American Fitness AF-141E:
1. Heavy-duty treadmill machine

2. Equipped with 2 HP motor

3. Made from the durable materials

4. Features 12% inclination level

5. Features up to 14 Km/Hr speed

6. Equipped with the 24 Preset programs

7. Can bear the maximum load up to 100 KG

8. Equipped with the built-in LCD display

9. Features dedicated MP3 player

10. Features total running surface area of 1300 x 410 mm 11. Lightweight

12. Portable

Additional information

Weight 110 kg
Dimensions 166.5 × 72 × 131 cm