Multi Homegym

With the compact American Fitness DP-7080 you can perform a lot of strength exercises. Ideal for your very own personal home gym. With this one station you can do arm/chest rowing, pec deck, knee raises, biceps preacher curls, wrist curls, leg curls, leg extensions, arm pullovers, lat pulls, butterfly flyes,and vertical bench presses.


Technical Specification:

American Fitness DP-7080

Technical Specification:
100 lbs Weight Stacks
Seat support tube 30*60 oval.
N.W/G.W: 50.5/54.5 kg

Lat Pulldown.
Butterfly arm
Shoulder Press
Arm Press
Leg Curl

Back Cushion Vinyl leather
Seat Cushion Vinyl leather

180*104*203 cm


Additional information

Weight 50.5 kg
Dimensions 180 × 104 × 203 cm